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M1026A / M1026B

MedEquip Biomedical is the Premier Company for all of your M1026A / M1026B anesthetic gas module sales and depot repair needs. We are ISO9001:2008 Certified and have on staff the leading BioMed Technicians in the industry that will repair your M1026A / M1026B with a fast turn around time and in most cases, free loaner equipment is available. We repair and support all M1026A / M1026B modules and each unit we sell comes with a comprehensive six months warranty.


FREE M1026A / M1026B Loaner Program

We offer free loaners for any M1026A or M1026B depot repair (pending available inventory). We will even send you the loaner first before you send your M1026A or M1026B to us for our expert BioMed Technicians to repair. This is part of our “Comprehensive Service Solution” program. For any need you have, we will find the solution!

M1026A / M1026B Overview

The M1026A / M1026B Anesthetic Gas Modules (AGM’s) use infrared absorption technology to measure the five most commonly used anesthetic gases, plus N2O and CO2. Oxygen is measured using a paramagnetic technique.

The M1026A / M1026B AGM’s display numerics, trends, real-time waveforms, and alarms on the patient monitor screen.

Features include:

M1026A - Features Automatic identification of anesthetic agents
M1026A / M1026B- Halothane
- Isoflurane
- Enflurane
- Sevoflurane
- Desflurane
M1026A - Features Automatic alert when anesthetic agent mixture is detected
M1026A - Features Inspiration and expiration values for all gases
M1026A - Features Quick warm-up time
M1026A - Features Low sample flow rate
M1026A - Features Individual alarm limits for each parameter
M1026A - Features Automatic zero calibration
M1026A - Features Respiratory rate derived from CO2 waveform
M1026A - Features Disposable, reusable water trap

M1026A & M1026B AGM’s Work With Most Leading Anesthesia Machines.

M1026A - News

  • Patient/Physiological Monitoring is all we do...
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Multi-Vendor Services
  • 1 Year Warranty with Unlimited complimentary tech support
  • 95% plus repair capability with No labor charge on depot repair
  • 1-3 Day Evaluation and 5-7 Day Repair Turn-Around
  • Complimentary shipping, evaluations and loaners (When available...)
  • Simulated Hospital Critical Care Area
  • Complimentary parts for miscellaneous e.g. knobs & cable assemblies
  • We match or beat advertised benefits e.g. warranties and pricing
  • Installation and Clinical Application Training available
  • We buy retired/old equipment
  • First and most experienced Patient Monitoring 3rd Party MVS - Founded in 1993
  • First Sponsor of Biomed Talk & Huge Supporter on BE/CE Community
  • Evaluations & Repairs include Detailed Service Report & 24H Reliability Protocol